How to Use Pick Lockers?

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Locker Size Guide

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Pick lockers come in 6 different sizes. Click on the respective locker compartment below to view the dimensions and see what items you can fit!

Extra Small

17cm(L) * 46cm(W) * 12cm(H)

1 Ladies’ Shoe Box


41cm(L) * 46cm(W) * 12cm(H)

2 Ladies’ Shoe Boxes

Small Vertical

17cm(L) * 46cm(W) * 26cm(H)

2 Men’s Shoe Boxes


41cm(L) * 46cm(W) * 26cm(H)

4 Men’s Shoe Boxes


41cm(L) * 46cm(W) * 41cm(H)

6 Men’s Shoe Boxes or 16-inch Cabin-sized Suitcase/Luggage

Extra Large

41cm(L) * 46cm(W) * 55cm(H)

8 Men’s Shoe Boxes or 21-inch Medium-sized Suitcase/Luggage

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