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Gone are the days of missed deliveries and the hassle of coordinating pickup times. Our easy-to-use platform bridges the gap, offering a seamless, flexible option for personal transactions. Perfect for small businesses, online marketplace users, and anyone needing a reliable parcel storage solution, our lockers are strategically located for easy access.

With 24/7 availability and security, you can trust that your items are in safe hands. Embrace the future of deliveries with our SEND with pick! services, where convenience meets security.

Why Choose Pick?

Comprehensive Coverage and Accessibility

Ensuring island-wide accessibility, our strategically positioned lockers offer island-wide coverage for convenient and easy access.

Enhanced Security Measures

Benefit from 24/7 access complemented by advanced security measures for added peace of mind.

Parcel Tracking

Comprehensive parcel tracking that provides real-time updates and detailed information to keep you informed.

Seamless, Secure, and Convenient Experience

Let Pick take the worry out of parcel deliveries so you can focus on what matters most.


Pick lockers significantly reduce the environmental impact of parcel deliveries by minimizing the number of trips required to deliver packages.

Have a parcel to send?

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Locker-to Locker Services

Our Locker-to-Locker Delivery service is designed to redefine the way you send parcels. Deposit your parcel at any of our strategically located lockers, and we will ensure its secure delivery to another locker at your desired destination. This service is perfect for sellers, businesses, and individuals looking to send items without the constraints of traditional delivery methods. Your customers or recipients can pick up the parcel at their convenience, ensuring both parties a seamless, hassle-free experience. With our Locker-to-Locker Delivery, we're making long waits, missed deliveries, and inconvenient pickup times a thing of the past, offering you and your customers unparalleled flexibility and ease.

Parcel Size Guide

Extra Small

11cm(H) * 15cm(W) * 45cm(L)



11cm(H) * 39cm(W) * 45cm(L)


Small Vertical

25cm(H) * 15cm(W) * 45cm(L)



25cm(H) * 39cm(W) * 45cm(L)



39cm(H) * 39cm(W) * 45cm(L)


Extra Large

53cm(H) * 39cm(W) * 45cm(L)


*These introductory prices are part of our launch promotion and subject to changes.

A few simple steps to SEND withpick

1. Visit SEND Portal site to register for an account.

2. Check email for the login user ID and password.

3. Visit SEND Portal again to login with these credentials.

4. Proceed to place order for Locker-to-Locker delivery with a valid Voucher Code.

Download user guide

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use the SEND Portal?

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