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Keep your parcels secure with Pick!

Created on 03 Nov 2021

Updated on 05 Sep 2022

The safety and security of your online purchases are highly valued at Pick and we want you to retrieve your parcels with a peace of mind. Choose Pick lockers for a worry-free delivery!  

With Pick lockers, your parcels will be kept safe 24/7! You no longer have to worry about leaving your parcels unattended at your doorstep. Plus, you can choose to pick up your shopping anytime you want at your convenience!  

Have you ever wondered what goes on when your parcel is being delivered when nobody’s home? #Didyouknow that you’re not the only one feeling anxious about your unattended parcels? Watch this video to find out who else is with you and what you can do to better safeguard your parcels! 

Video: Keep your parcels safe with Pick lockers! 
Parcels left on your doorsteps notify passersby to the fact that you’re not home and present an opportunity for theft!  Watch to discover how Pick lockers can help with your worries and keep your online purchases safe! 

Video: Keep your parcels safe from prying eyes with Pick! 

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